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[Fix] Enable Adsense Ad-Serving on banned domain after Adsense Account disabled

You got few websites and one (or few) of them earning you a handsome amount of money but your Adsense gets disabled due to one of your website does not comply with Google Adsense terms and conditions.

That’s very sad part of every Adsense publisher’s story.

So you have not only lost Adsense account but all the websites as well because as per Google terms and conditions, your domain cannot show Adsense ads anymore.

Pretty hard to digest isn’t???

I have come up with the solution to reinstate ad-serving on previously Adsense banned domain.

Follow this simple guide to get your ads restored on ‘banned’ domain.

After few days, your website will be back and you can place ads on the domain.


Don’t forget to share this post with your friends so they can reinstate ad-serving to their websites. Do you knowΒ any other method to reinstate ad-serving on a banned domain and how to enable adsense account which is disabled by Google? Share in comments below.


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