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Google Penguin Real-Time – Don’t Start Link Building Until You Read This

Google Penguin is an algorithm which detects solely link spam and thoroughly investigate and take decisions accordingly.

Few years ago, link building was so easy, u have just just to make backlinks without any worries of being penalized as Google Penguin didn’t exist back then.

If you want to start backlinking of your website then your first priority will be how to prevent from google penguin?

Things to know about Google Penguin

Web Spam Team gives you recommendations to remove bad backlinks and follow instructions then you send reconsideration request. If it’s according to Google search quality, then they will remove ban. This is how Google Penguin detects bad links and how to unban your website by communicating with Google Search Quality team

Pattern of Links

Everyone say “Do-follow” links are better but it alert Google about pattern of links as how come all links be do-follow naturally so in a result, Google will de-index and penalize your site.

Sidebar links, site-wide links, menu-bar links, footer links and contextual links leave some pattern and Google Penguin labels those links. For example, footer links may labeled as red and contextual links as green.

Did you know? Search Engine Algorithms use backlinks as strong ranking signal.

What’s Good about Google Penguin

Penguin Ignores bad links automatically means if you have spam links then Penguin algorithm ignores those bad links and don’t give weightage of those links hence it won’t affect your ranking rather positive or negative.

So, now you will have to find Good quality backlinks if you want your rankings last longer in Search Engine Result Pages.


  • Here is the question sir, If Penguin ignore our bad back links, So why our website kw ranking is going down?

    • Its because
      1. Your number of links have now been decreased.
      2. You have raised a red flag to google that something is fishy.
      3. There is a chance that if google has devalued / discounted your low-quality links, it can devalue the links that you may think are of high quality but for google they would be considered as junk. Which links are not valued by google, NOW that’s a suspense 😉

  • Google Penguin Real time now
    plz Tech me which link building strategy best for any niche topic
    how to create quality link building for my website

  • Then what your point of view if we build backlink without worry any negative effect and is it necessary if we find spammy links pointing to our site disavow needed or Google will count it as a Spam and is there any negative effect of it?

  • My web design website took a HUGE hit in the SERPs after penguin. I think this was because when I built a client’s website I was using site wide footer links (dofollows). Do you have any thoughts on the best way to recover from this? I don’t really want to jump in there and change all the backlinks. Cheers, Josh.

    • Yes, that could be the reason for sure. Send an email with your website URL for examination: mtnandla[@]

  • If they considering my backlinks as spamming then how we can chnage them into normal links or non spammy links. Or we have to choose trust worthy sites only.

  • Wonderful post sir i have been using this Spamming method to increase my method to increase my backlinks can you tell me and i have some questions can you answer them to remove bad backlinks? can I make good backlinks? to find a site is good for backlink or not

    Waiting for your reply
    Sahil suman

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