How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress

Internal server error is one of the worst and rare wordpress problem because it do not provide the information about the source of error. Here we will help you to fix the 500 internal server error in wordpress.

500 internal server error

There is no proper definition of this internal server error because identifying this error is quite difficult and there is no indication of what is wrong with the site. The only thing we know about this error is that this error is caused when something went wrong on the website’s end. It happens when the script of any theme or plugin did something that it shouldn’t have done. And due to this the server has crashed.

Fixing internal server error

Fixing this error is not easy however there are 6 basics steps that you can follow to get rid of this error.

1-Turn on debugging

Whenever wordpress shows white screen of death or a server error it means your site is facing 500 internal server error. The first step you have to do is to turn your debugging on. This step will not fix the error but it may give you the idea of what is going wrong.

Now the question is how to turn on debugging?

Simply you have to edit your site wp-config.php file. After accessing this file search for the WP_DEBUG. Now set the setting of debug to true. But if you do not find it you have to create it there by yourself. You can also install a wp-debug plugin if you do not find wp-config.php.

Define( “WP_DEBUG”, true );

500 error

After saving this analyze your site. The server error may be fix and can be changed into some other error. But this error can be easily identified. If this happens just follow the path of the error and solve the issue.

Even if turning on debugging does not affect your site the best practice is to keep this debugging on until the issue will be fixed.

2-Deactivate all plugins and change theme

If turning debug on does not affect then the second step is to deactivate all the plugins and see what’s happened with the site. If your site is ok without showing nay server error then the error was in plugins activate each plugin one by one and figure out which plugin is causing server error.

Similarly, you can change your theme to default theme like twenty fifteen or twenty sixteen. If the site is working fine after that then the issue was in the theme. In most of the cases 500 internal server error causes due to some plugin so deactivating and again activating is the best option to analyze it.

3-Check .htaccess file

If there is no plugins or theme error then the next step is delete all the content but before that make a bakeup. If there is .htaccess file there, make a backup and delete all the content. Deleting all content may remove some important things but this will tell you about the internal server error.

If the error is resolved then we can analyze that the actual problem was with the .htaccess file. For resolving this issue you can better contact with the developer or with the hosting provider.

4-Increasing memory

One more thing that helps to resolve this issue is to increase your memory. To increase your memory open wp-config.php file in the wordpress root directory after that search for the WP_MEMORY_LIMIT. If it exist then change the value by increasing it to 64M. But if the increasing memory option is not available you can write this line

Define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

5-Ask your host

After applying each step if still your site is showing internal server error then you must ask your host to set the issue. The host can better identify your server issue and also can check file permissions and other sources to get rid of these errors.

6-Reinstall wordpress

In very rare cases if applying all these steps won’t work the last option left is to reinstall wordpress. Reinstalling wordpress can fix this issue and also can fix file permission problems.


500 internal server error in wordpress is not caused due to the actual server errors. Sometimes this error is solved easily but sometimes this is the worst issue of the wordpress that cannot be easily solved. The easiest way to fix wordpress issues is to contact with your host because they have better tools to locate the issues.

I always recommend to follow the first two steps, switching on debugging and deactivating plugin and themes. This will help you to identify the problem and support technicians also ask you to do these steps.

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