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How to Fix the Syntax Error in WordPress (Ultimate Guide)

There are lots of WordPress tutorials available on the web that teach the users how to apply new things on their website. These new changings in the website sometimes causes error that can break the whole site.

If you ever try a new thing on your site and got an error like this:

“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in 
/wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen/functions.php on line 430”

You do not need to worry because you are not the first one who get this error. In this article we will tell you what syntax error is and how you can remove it?

What is Syntax error:

Syntax error occurs when you make a mistake in your code. The compiler is unable to process the file and as a result of this syntax error display on your site. Invalid variables, wrong function names, incorrect lines in PHP scripts and incorrect coding structures are the main cause of this error.

So be careful while you are dealing with any codes to avoid syntax error but if you ever face this error follow these steps to remove this error.

How to fix wordpress syntax error?

Here we have mentioned few easy steps on how to fix syntax error from your website. We are taking example of sample site and theme. Follow it according to your error path.

1. Determine the corrupt file

You have to take a start by determining the error source. If you have just install a new theme or plugin and this error appears then it means its due to the new installed theme or plugin. Mostly new plugins and theme are the cause of syntax error.

You can also find the full path of the error source from the error message, as it contains the full path of the corrupted file as well as the wrong code. Let’s have a look at the syntax error massage. In this message we can see the path of the error as well as the line of the error that is 91 line. Follow the screenshots below.

2. Fixing syntax error from file manager

After determining the source of error now it’s time to fix the error. Follow these steps

First of all go to the cpanel’s File manager and click to the containing file folder as mentioned in the error massage such as

Public_html ->wp-content -> themes -> zerif-lite -> functions.php

Step 1

step 1

Step 2

step 2

Step 3

step 3

Step 4

step 4

After opening this file go to line 91 and fix the issue by setting code.


Fixing syntax error is quite easy because you can easily determine the error by error massage. You can even see the line of error. But the problem we face while fixing the issue finding the code mistake. Follow these steps and easily solve the error.

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