How to Fix the Sidebar below Content Error in WordPress

While starting a site you have to install the theme, plugins, create a page, and good to go. However, there is a WordPress error that is related to the sidebar where the sidebar displays below the content. This error usually occurs when you do some type of editing on your site. Here we will describe how to fix the sidebar below content error in WordPress.

Causes of this error

There are 3 main causes of the sidebar below content error in WordPress.

  • This error occurs when you add a new plugin or do some kind of changes to your site
  • May your div tag remain unclosed in your page or there are too many </div> tags in your page that put the sidebar below the content.
  • Maybe there is a problem with the width setting in your CSS.

How to fix sidebar below content error

Before fixing this error you must analyze your website to check the cause of this error. There are three main causes of this error that are mentioned above. Now let’s see how to troubleshoot these causes and their fixing solution.

Undo the most recent changes that you made

If you have recently added a new plugin and this error appears then that is obvious that this plugin is causing a sidebar error. Deactivate that plugin and refresh the site. If you do not add a new plugin then you might edit a page or a post. Simply remove that changes and refresh your site.

If the sidebar error is fixed then it is ok otherwise check for the <div> tag error

Fixing <div> tag error

Unclosed div tag or extra closing div tag is the most common reason for this sidebar below content error. So be careful with the tags while creating a page. There is a picture of how the WordPress page looks like

If you are creating a website then you must have some knowledge of HTML tags. That each HTML tag has an opening as well as a closing tag. These tags are represented in pairs. For example

Here is a div tag of content. It has an opening div that is <div id=”content”> and a closing tag that is </div>. If there is a minor mistake in these div tags this can cause the error.

<div id=“content”>Add content</div>

Unclosed div looks like this

<div id=“content”>some content

If you have an extra closing tag that does not have any opening tag than it must cause the error

<div id=“content”>some content</div></div>

So if the sidebar error is not removed after the first step then you must review the content of your page or post. Find unclosed or extra closing tags and fix them.

How to remove div tags error in WP dashboard

If the sidebar below content error is showing for all the pages and posts then you have to check the template of your site because the template may be the reason for this error. For fixing this error login to your dashboard and go click on appearance and then theme editor.

Next find the template file that is in index.php and click on it

While dealing with the theme editor be careful because you may cause other errors. You can also ask for help from the developers that can perform this action in a better way. But if you want to do this fixing by yourself then keep doing it as shown in pictures.

Find the opening and closing div tags and if there is no closing div tag then that will be the reason for your sidebar error. To fix this error just find the next opening tag and place the mixing closing tag</div> before that opening <div> tag. If closing tags are ok then it might be due to extra closing div tags. This time you have to remove the extra </div> tag.

Fixing of CSS issue

CSS problem in your site also causes this error. The main reason is the width ratio setting of your page. Usually, the content area of a website page contains three main parts such as a container that contains main content, a sidebar that contains sidebar content, and a wrap that wraps both content and sidebar.

Since the wrap element contains both the content and sidebar so its width must be equal to the width of the content and sidebar elements plus margins and padding.

If the width of the wrap is smaller than the sidebar below the content error creates. Now you can simply check the template and customize the width. Also check the float setting that both the content and sidebar elements are floating towards left or right correctly.


The sidebar below the content is the worst error. You can easily remove this error. First, you have to troubleshoot the main cause of this error. It can occur due to recent changes, div tags, or CSS width. After analyzing the cause you can fix this issue easily. But be careful while editing the theme editor because you do not want to create the worst errors.

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