How To Fix Locked Out Of WordPress Admin Issue (Problem Solved)

Getting locked out of the WordPress admin dashboard is so frustrating. Especially when you do not know the reason and you can’t access your admin dashboard. In this article, we will tell you how to fix the locked out of WordPress admin issue.

Before finding the solution to this issue we will first see what the reasons are for the locked-out screen. After analyzing the reason you can easily fix the error.

Causes and fixing of locked WordPress admin

This issue can be solved by restoring the backup of your site. If the issue is still the same than you can move to the next step. Before analyzing and editing your site make sure to take a backup of your site. Taking backup of site avoids any additional changes that can cause due to some changes.

1-Incorrect login information

One of the most common reasons for locked WordPress admin is wrong or incomplete login details. Since the login details are hidden and are sometimes not saved so there are chances that you might forget your login details.  If you try to reset your password but you won’t receive any email then your site is hacked.


To avoid this error reset your password and for next time save your logins carefully. But if your site is hacked then you have to reset your logins from phpMyAdmin.

2-Lose Admin access

The second type of locked out WordPress losing admin functionality. In this issue, you can login into your site but you cannot get admin access. You are working as an editor. You cannot access to theme or plugins of your site. The main reason of this issue is that your site is hacked.

In this case, the hacker can easily remove you from your admin panel. So for fixing this you have to add a new admin user to your WordPress database and provide him all access. Then remove all extra logins.  Now you are the only one who can access the admin dashboard of this site and your site is saved.

3-Too many login attempts

If you are using any plugin that limits the login attempts such as loginizer security plugin. This plugin limits your login attempts and you can only have 3 attempts. If you do not enter accurate login details your screen will be locked out due to too many wrong attempts.

So remember your accurate login details to avoid this error. You can also deactivate this plugin and can gain access to your site.

4-Error establishing a database connection

If you are seeing this type of error for your entire then it means your site has no connection with the database. There are many reasons due to which your site is unable to establish a database connection. First of all, you have to troubleshoot this error and know the main cause of the error. Then follow the steps mentioned in how to fix the error establishing a database connection in WordPress.

5-White screen of death

WordPress white screen of death is due to some error and you will see a white screen on your admin dashboard. This white screen of death error is caused when you use a plugin or theme that is poorly coded. This error is also caused by some web hosting error.

To remove this error first of all analyze which plugin or theme is causing this issue. Usually, recently added plugins can be the reason for this error. So deactivate that plugin to remove the error. If unreliable web hosting is the reason then you can contact your hosting provider and ask him to solve the issue.

6-PHP error

PHP errors such as syntax errors, unexpected errors, etc. are actually caused due to incorrect coding. When you paste any code from another website to your site this error can occur. If you are a beginner then you need to be more careful because finding ease while designing your site can be a disaster. There must be some code that you paste from other sites that can lock you out of WordPress admin.

If you ever face this error you do not need to worry just follow this step and get rid of locked out admin. Install the FTP program, login to your site, and then go to the theme file that will be in the function.php file. After getting access to the theme file remove the code that you added.


Fixing locked screen error is not difficult. This error is mostly occurred due to an incorrect password or due to a hack. So the first thing that you have to do is to keep calm and then analyze the reason for the error and then find how to solve the issue. You can find everything on the internet regarding WordPress and its issues. So always treat these errors calmly because you can create more serious issues in panic.

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