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How to Fix Image Upload Issue in WordPress

Facing image upload issues is so confusing because this error can occur without doing anything. For beginners, this issue is quite irritating because you do not know the actual reason for the failure of image upload. Although this error is confusing but solving this error is so easy that you can do it yourself. You do not need any help while fixing this error.

If you are facing this error and want to resolve it. Read this article so you will be able to fix any type of image upload error. Also, we will explain all the possible causes of this error.

Causes and fixing of image upload error

1. Change file permissions

The image upload error is usually caused by the wrong file permission while uploading the image. All the data of wordpress is stored on the web hosting server. When you upload any image on your website it needs a specific file and directory permission to upload the file. Incorrect file permission stop the wordpress to read or upload the file on the web hosting server. You will get this error on your screen.

There is one more possible situation of this error in which is your images disappear and show this error on the right side.

There are multiple reasons that cause this error but the most common reason of the image upload issue is when someone changes the permission. For example, if you are using shared hosting and the web hosting provider ran an undated that changes the file permission.

So analyze your website if everything on your site is working properly then you just have to change the file permission. This is how you can fix the image upload error.

The first step that you have to do is to connect your website with FTP. Go to the wp-content and then to the upload folder. You can access all the uploaded images here. Place the cursor on this uploads and click right. Go to file permission and change the settings. Change the numeric value to 744 and then check the next options. “Recurse into subdirectories option” then check to apply to directories only. Click OK to save the changes.

If 744 setting directory permission does not work then you can try 755. Now you can upload images on your site. Refresh your site and again try to upload files.

2. Deactivate the plugin

If the file permission is not changed then this image error may occur due to the plugin. If you are using any type of image optimizing plugin deactivate it and then try to upload images. If this step does not solve the error then this error may be due to the memory limit.

3. Memory limit 

If you are not using the optimize plugin then this image upload error must be caused due to memory limit. Memory limit is usually caused if you are using shared hosting. So to solve the memory limit you have to contact your hosting provider to increase your WordPress and PHP memory limits.


The image upload issue is not the worst issue. You can easily fix this issue but if this error is due to a memory limit then you have to contact your hosting provider. Mostly this error occurs due to the change in file permission. You can simply follow the above-mentioned steps to fix these errors.

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