How to Fix 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress

If you are trying to access your site but do not get access to your site so you are likely to run into the 403 forbidden error on your site. This error is the worst error that wordpress beginners can face. Here is the complete guide on how to fix the 403 forbidden error in wordpress.


403 Forbidden error

This error occurs due to different reasons. Here we have mentioned the main reason for this error. After knowing the actual cause of the error you can easily fix this error. 403 forbidden error occurs when you

  • Create or edit a new article
  • Install a new theme or plugin
  • When you migrate your site
  • Unable to get access to your site

How to fix this error

If you are facing a 403 error on your site and want to fix it. Just follow these easy steps.


The first and important step is to take a backup. No one wants to create other problems while fixing the error. So whenever you want to add some changes on your site take its backup.

2- Check .htaccess file

After taking backup now we move towards the solution of this error. One of the reasons for the 403 forbidden error is the corrupted .htaccess file. With the FTP manager or file manager of Cpanel, you can fix this corrupt file quickly. Using FTP manager login to your server and find the .htaccess file. Download this file on your laptop or computer to keep it safe. After downloading delete the .htaccess file from the server.

After deleting this file refresh your site and check if the error is fixed or not. If the error is fixed then it means your .htaccess file is corrupt and you have to create a new .htaccess file. For creating new .htaccess file login to your wordpress admin dashboard the go-to setting > permalinks. By clicking on the save changings button you can create a new .htaccess file.

But if the error is not fixed after deleting the .htaccess file repeat the same process and then move to the next step.

3-Check theme or plugins

If you recently add a new plugin or install a new theme and this error occurs then it means that the plugin/theme is causing a 403 error on your site. Start deactivating all plugins and check your site that if the error is still there or not.

If the error is resolved then activate plugins one by one and check which plugin is causing an error. After analyzing the error causing plugin delete that plugin.  But if the error is not fix repeat the same process for your theme. Move to the next step if this step does not help to fix the error.

4-Check file permissions

If the above-mentioned 403 forbidden error solutions do not fix the error then you must have wrong file permission. Each file that is stored on your site needs permission and you must have file permissions to access the files. If you are facing this error it means your web server thinks that you do not have permission to access the file.

So for solving this error you should remove incorrect file permissions. You can do this by yourself but if you are not confident r a newbie then you should hire a developer or ask your host provider to check file permissions. If you want to fix this error by yourself then follow these steps. First of all, go to your FTP client or file manager and then find wp-admin. Click right on wp-admin and go to file permission.

You will get this type of box where you have to change the values. Here you have a file permission of 744 or 755 in the numeric value box that is for all folders. For all files on your site, you should have file permissions of 644 or 640.

Now set the numeric value to 744 or 755 and check the box “Recurse into subdirectories” and then check “apply to directories only” and click OK. After that repeat the same process for all the files on wordpress. Use 644 0r 640 file permissions and check the box “apply to files only”.  Click OK and check your site. Your site is will be free from the 403 forbidden error after this process.


403 forbidden error is irritating but fixing this error is not that difficult. You just have to apply the above-mentioned fixing solutions and you can easily get rid of this error. I hope this article helps you to solve the error. You can also check to fix more wordpress errors. But make sure always to take a backup before fixing any error.

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