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Active Views & Active View Viewable in Adsense – Triple Your Adsense Earning

From last couple of months or so, Google Adsense publishers are complaining about decline in their revenue. It has happened because of low CTR as I have observed very low CTR on mobile devices (but thanks to Page-level ads that has managed to increase CTR to a significant better level) but still CTR is lower than it used to be few years ago.

But in this article, I am going to discuss something different that is called Active views and active view viewable that has literally affected Adsense publishers earning most of anything else.

What are Active Views?

Viewability of ads on your website is called active views.

Generally it depends upon two factors:

  1. How much of the ad was visible to the user.
  2. How long the ad remained visible to the user.

When we call an Ad Viewable?

IAB (Interactive Advertising bureau) has defined the viewability of an ad and it has two points.

  • At least 50% of the ad is visible
  • The ad was visible for more than 1 second

Logically, its very important for an advertiser and publisher for an ad to be shown more than 1 second. Advertiser wants it to be shown more than 1 second so that he has to pay for a valid and legit impression. On other hand, publisher would also like his ads to be shown more than 1 second so the user might click on it and he can earn some money.

Active Views vs Impressions?

  • Impression: How many times the ad was loaded.
  • Active Views: How many impressions qualified to be an active view?

If I try to make it more simple, the impression that triggered at least 1 second of view and more than 50% of ad visibility is an active view so every active view is also an impression but all the impressions are not an active view.

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How to Triple your Adsense income?

So, the rule is simple. Place the ads where your visitor focusing more. Till now, we used to think that ads in the header or below the menu (Remember that using ads below the drop down menu can get your Adsense account disabled) will increase CTR that will result in the increase of revenue BUT the things are changed.

Ads placement will have direct and vast impact on the Adsense revenue. Using Ad unit in sidebar will result in almost 10% of active views on mobile devices due to responsiveness of site’s design. Footer Ad unit will also have less chances to be shown or clicked on responsive layouts.

Now, Where the Fxxx should I use Ad?

It was exactly the same question that I asked myself when I experienced decline in Adsense revenue. It took me sometime to understand what actually happening with the revenue so I came across Adsense has adopted Active views formula and implemented it with full boom.

So, I would recommend you to use the ads around the content that is focused, where you have put vital information. For example, if we are running a price comparison blog, I might suggest to use one ad unit above the pricing table and one below that table. If you are handy in programming, you can use one link unit in between the table.

Let me simplify it for you;

We are running a mobile price comparison website. There are total 6 elements in the comparison table. I would be breaking the table into two parts, one ad unit, then table (1st part), link unit, table (2nd part) and in the end use a 3rd ad unit. You may have used 2 ad unit and 1 link unit but you still have left 1 ad unit and 2 link units which you can use anywhere else that grabs visitors attention, for example, you might use them in sidebar for desktop visitors or below the title.

An example Ads placement for a website with tables.

An example Ads placement for a website with tables.

Earnings can be Quadruple and beyond!

What the hack is this? I don’t believe in hacks rather I name them tweaks. Little tweaks can turn your revenue from $10 to $50 YES it’s 500% increase in the revenue.

Let me explain how?

You are using ad units where users don’t stay and your CTR is around 0.30%, you change the ad placement and apply what I suggested above and luck is on your side, so you managed to bring CTR to 2%. It will increase your revenue almost 6 times. That’s how smart blogging works 🙂

In the end, don’t forget to share your own strategy to increase CTR and increase active views in comments section below.

Ask any question you like!

Let’s share what matters!!!

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