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How I Earned $10,000 in Just 5 Hours by Trading CryptoCurrency – A Case Study


Well, the hottest topic of January 2018 is cryptocurrency trading. BitCoin has touched $20000 mark last month and this crazy shift of cryptocurrency has attracted hundreds of thousands of new investors as this new technology is being adopted by big fishes and profit/loss ratio is insanely high.

WARNING: CryptoCurrency is highly volatile. Invest at your own Risk. Don’t Rush, Learn First.

This case study is not a financial advice or Investment plan. Research yourself before investing a single penny in CryptoCurrency Trading. I will bear no responsibility for any loss or damages.

Hey, I’m Tanveer, mainly an Online Entrepreneur who love to blog for the people and Big G. Few days ago, I was traveling to northern Pakistan looking for snowfall. Nathiagali is an amazing part of beautiful Pakistan with high altitude lush green environment.

We encountered snowfall at Nathiagali but decided to move on. Since it wasn’t easy to drive through snowfall and slippery roads, so it took us hours to reach Abbottabad. At around 3am while we were about to sleep, I received a call from my brother like friend, the Fiverr Guru and no. 1 freelancer of Pakistan, Aaliyaan Chaudhry.

I was bit shocked as it was too late to call someone, however, I received the call from Aaliaan and he almost shouted, buy a SiaCoin instantly. I said, I have no BTC left in my wallet that is not invested anywhere. He forced me to arrange right away. I disconnected call and started scrolling down my facebook wall. A came across a post stating BTC for sale at a rate of 125 per USD.

In Pakistan, $ rate is higher than usual like if you want to buy BTC for $1000 and current price of BTC is say $16000 per BTC, you will have to pay 1,25,000 PKR and you will receive BTC amount accordingly, normally stated at I booked BTC of worth $10,000 and sent him my Bittrex wallet ID (Bittex is a marketplace for selling and buying cryptocurrencies) and he transferred me BTC worth $10000 instantly.

Since it was too late, I promised to pay him later and he trusted me 🙂

After receiving BTC against my payment in bittrex, I instantly bought SiaCoin (SC) as per Aaliyaan’s instructions and fell asleep.

I woke up at around 8am, since we had to leave for Kaghan valley. I opened my bank account to transfer money to BTC seller, after sending him payment, I logged into my bittrex account and couldn’t believe my eyes as the SiaCoin was jumped to 100% profit, I quickly called Aaliyaan and my other brother like friend, Khabir Ud Din Mughal and told them the whole story.

Khabir suggested me to hold the SC and dont sell while Aaliyaan’s approach is little different than others and we all should follow that is, don’t be greedy, keep getting your profit out and reinvest. So, I decided to sell those SC and got my BTC doubled in just 5 hours or so.

This was a short case study on how I converted my $10000 into $20000 in just 5 hours.

Keep in mind following points of you are interested in investing money in CryptoCurrency Trading in Pakistan:

  1. Buy BTC from LocalBitCoins OR ePayments.
  2. Send them to any valid CryptoCurrency Exchange such as CoinBaseBinance (Preferred).
  3. Now research, research and more research before investing in any coin.
    1. Check who is behind this coin or if there is any big fish endorsing this coin you going to invest in.
    2. Check trend, Market Cap and other statistical data about coin you are going to invest in at CoinMarketCap
    3. Keep an eye on Twitter for your coin updates.
    4. Keep reading and
    5. Follow these legends: Aaliyaan Chaudhry / Khabir Ud Din Mughal / Irfan Khan
    6. Reminder: Don’t be foolish and invest wisely.


  • Good tagline “How I Earned $10,000 in Just 5 Hours” nobody will see to earn 10,000$ you risked your hard earn money $10,000/-. Guru tusi great ho.

  • Bro I was expecting there is some unique technique 😛 But what I got the point is there should be a friend like Aaliyan 😀

  • Most funny part is “A Case Study” How i earned $10,000 via a brother like friend, the Fiverr Guru and no. 1 freelancer of Pakistan :-p

  • Wah… what a case study! BTW where is the case study?

    All I came to know “meray dost ne kaha k ye ker lo” so “main ne wo he kia” or “mujhe profit ho gaya” LOL. ye kon si case study hai bhai ??? 😀

    And yes I agree with your last blog line “Reminder: Don’t be foolish and invest wisely.”

  • Amazing work & Congo on that success. I am my self into crypto currency thing but I didn’t invest such a large capital into it. I just started it with a little cloud mining contract and now I am reinvesting whatever is the return from that contract. I am on youtube with name “Crypto Sikka”. You can find me and communicate with me there.

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